StarMade Ship of the Week – Inaugural

StarMade Fans – Enter the StarMade Ship of the Week Contest!

StarMade Ship - Serenity by BenchAre you a badass StarMade ship builder? Do you have a ship that you think is awesome?

Enter the Ambushed Gamer StarMade Ship of the Week contest for a chance to be featured on a future episode of Ambushed Gamer’s Exclusive StarMade news.

For our first Featured Ship of the Week we chose a very special creation, something that made everyone at Ambushed Gamer sit up and take notice of!

Serenity from Firefly – by Bench

As an example, our first featured ship is Bench’s replica of the Serenity from Firefly! The ship is beautifully designed, inside and out, including a full interior with areas you may recognize! Some clever use of wedge hull blocks creates some very attractive and convincing furniture. I know many of you love Firefly – we sure do – so it’s easy to get excited and energized about this beautiful ship!

For all the details and to get your own version:

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    StarMade Ship of the Week – Inaugural

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